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Do you wet clean or dry clean my clothes?

Here at Northtown Cleaners we employ both wet and dry cleaning. Cleaning with water or other chemical solvents both have their own particular uses, and depending on the clothing material and type of stain, it can be necessary to use one or the other. Professional cleaners like us know the best way to clean each garment without damaging it.

Do you use perc in your cleaning products?

Perc (short for the chemical name perchloroethylene) is one of the most common chemicals used in dry cleaning, worldwide. Unfortunately, perc is a respiratory and skin irritant, a known neurotoxin, and a carcinogen, and can lead to major health problems in people who are exposed to it.

Do you use any hazardous or polluting cleaning products?

No. We use environmentally-friendly, totally biodegradable soaps and conditioners to get your garments clean without negatively affecting the environment. We can safely clean “dry clean only” items without the harmful solvents and chemicals that are often used by other dry cleaners.

Are environmentally safe dry cleaning products hard on clothing?

There is a myth that environmentally friendly products are less effective, or that they ruin clothes. This is totally false. Using these products can actually extend the life of your garments, because they are much gentler than the harsh solvents used in traditional dry cleaning. We can remove tough stains without damaging our customers’ health or the environment in Napanee

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